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GPS/ SMS Car Tracking

We track and recover stolen vehicles for individual owners and corporate organization in the logistics sector, Oil & Gas, Banks, and Multinational etc. , we provide our clients with services and asset protection second to none in the Nation.
No need of calling your driver to find out where he is. you simply log on and see where your vehicle is at the comfort of your home office


CCTV Installation

Our CCTV monitoring services has really helped to cut crime and vandalism in town and city centres, retail outlets, public car parks, construction sites, hospitals, transport links and other potential ‘hot spots’ across the globe. We’ve been at the forefront of this, helping corporate and public sector organizations, to implement and manage effective CCTV networks.


Website Development

At Prelado Prisa Ltd, we combine our web portal software technologies with professional design and intuitive site navigation. Our unique blend of strategy, technology and creative implementation allows us to provide our clients customized portal solutions on time and within budget.
A company portal is the brain of the information network of every company. If a web portal design is well constructed and managed,..


Bulk SMS/ Short Code

Our Bulk Sms service is second to none. SMS Century powered by PRELADO PRISA LIMITED is an SMS advertising solution provider with passion to promote businesses & peoples communication using MOBILE MESSAGING which is fastest evolving communication channel on the plane.  Worry less for the quality or cost,  you've landed at  the one stop shop! Any of these category that represents your quest, no hassles..

Training/ Consultancy

To achieve something that you have never achieved before, you must learn and practice qualities and skills that you have never had before. Here is the rule: If you do what other successful people do, over and over again, nothing can stop you from eventually enjoying the same rewards that they do. But if you don't do what successful people do nothing can help you


Solar/ Inverters

Rather than depending on Generators as alternative to Power, while another fuel scarcity looms. Why not switch to SOLAR INVERTERS. They are Affordable and Reliable. Just contact us and your power challenges will become a thing of the past.